Cold Summer 2

Cold Summer 2

For the Underrated  


What is Carty? 

Ballerwear, building the complete athlete wardrobe

Outwear, Streetwear and Activewear

Who is Carty?

The underrated athlete

Those on a mission to prove themselves 

Don't find yourself, create yourself through your lifestyle passions (Eliminate the fear of the unknown)

Who are you when you do what you love? Sport, passion and self identity.

Why is Carty?

It's not about ‘making it’ its about reaching your absolute full potential beyond others perception of you.

How is Carty?

Carty is how you show up for yourself everyday 

Where is Carty?

On the other side of the grind, “There is no paradise for you to escape to. What you'll find, is what's there, a battlefield." - Beserk

Cold Summer 2